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by Mar 18, 2021Friar Reflection

How many signs do you need?  How many witnesses will it take to convince you?  Sometimes no matter how many signs or witnesses we refuse to accept the truth; we refuse to accept what is right before our eyes.  Sadly, today people are quick to believe many conspiracy theories that proliferate on the Internet while failing to see the clear witness of Jesus that is right before their eyes.  Jesus testifies that His way and God’s Will is one of peace, justice and mercy.  Yet over the ages into our own day people have killed in the name of Jesus and claimed to be doing so in God’s name.  Racist and antisemitic conspiracies abound on the Internet some even claiming to be Christian sites.  They are false witnesses.  As Pope Francis restated during his recent trip to Iraq, “Killing in the name of God is a blasphemy.”  Both racism and antisemitism are a sin.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenges us to hear His words and accept His testimony.  He has three witnesses that testify to Him; His own testimony, the testimony of John the Baptist, and His Father’s testimony.  He calls us to “search the scriptures” since they also testify to God’s love in Jesus.  In our prayer and especially in the Eucharist, God speaks to us through the Scripture:

“Blessed indeed is your Son, present in our midst when we are gathered by his love, and when, as once for the disciples, so now for us, he opens the Scriptures and breaks the bread.” (Eucharistic Prayer for Various Needs IV).

As we hear the Word of God today, let us reflect on our own lives: what are the signs of Jesus in my daily life?  Am I a faithful witness to Jesus’ way of service, sacrifice, and love?  Do I witness against racism, hatred, and violence?