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Catholics Coming Home

Been away for a while? Come take another Look

If you have been away or know someone who has been away from the Catholic Church for whatever reason; divorce, lifestyle, or personal injustice, we would love for you or your friends to take another look.

Everyone is welcome to speak with one of our friars any time during the year by calling the office 703-221-4044.

The Come Home program consists of three sessions during the week. They typically start at 7:30 p.m., and will not last more than two hours. See below for more information about each session.

If you or someone you know has an interest, please contact Sheila Noble via emai or at (703) 221-4044 x238.

Week One – The Church Listening

This session begins with a very brief background on the origin and purpose of the Come Home Program. Then, in order to get an understanding of the issues that may be most helpful to address in the subsequent sessions, attendees are encouraged to share what brought them to Come Home. Attendees are often surprised to find that others have had very similar experiences.


Week Two – The Church has Changed

This session highlights a presentation on the Church institution itself and the many ways that it has changed (especially since Vatican II). It also explores relationships between the Church and the individual and attempts to reflect on the attendees’ image of Church.


Week Three – Where do we go from here?

This is a wrap-up session. It identifies resources, approaches and opportunities available to those who want to continue the process of reconnecting to the church. It is also an opportunity to address questions left unanswered in the two earlier sessions.

For more information on coming home and taking another look, please contact Sheila Noble or Fr. George