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Ministry of Sacristan

At the service of the celebration of the Mass
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Who We Are

We are faithful Catholic adult lay women and men active in our Faith.

When We Serve

We serve at weekend Masses, special liturgies, holy days, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter and whenever the Holy Mass is celebrated for the parish.

How We Serve

We serve “behind the scenes” ensuring the sacred vessels, altar items, and more are ready for the celebration of Mass.

What Is Necessary?

Each Sacristan must complete the training offered by the parish and be willing to regularly serve when needed.

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Our Mission

In serving as Sacristans we work before and after the Mass to ensure that all liturgical items needed for the celebration are ready and in place. This is a critical element for a Mass that is focused on worsihp and praise of God.


An adult or older teen who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

A person serious about the practice of their faith who already fully and actively participates in the Mass.

A person who is attentive to details.

Someone willing to participate in initial and subsequent training programs as required by the parish.

Previous experience is a plus, but not required.

A description of duties

Broadly speaking, the sacristans are responsible for the supply, maintenance and upkeep of all the vessels, altar cloths, books, vestments, supplies and all that is needed to celebrate the Mass. This is primary responsibility of the Lead Sacristan, but all sacristans are atuned to the needs (especially as supplies seem to be running low)

For each Mass, the serving sacristan is respobsible to ensure that:

  • the Missal, Book of the Gospels, and Lectionary are in place.
  • the tabernacle candle is lit as well as the altar candles.
  • there is an adequite number of communion hosts to serve the Mass (already consecrated in the Tabernacle and unconsecrated in the ciborium).
  • The serving tray is prepared with cruets of water and wine, chalice(s), corporal cloth, and purificator cloths, lavabo bowl, and whatever else is need for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.
  • For some masses, that the items and materials needed for incensing are prepared.

While all these names and items might seem daunting, they prove to be quickly and easily learned.

After Mass, the sacritans returns the items used in celebration to the sacristy, preparing them for their next use.

Some members of the Sacristan Ministry also volunteer to serve by laundring the corporals, purificators, and albs of altar servers and the ordained.