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All ready to sign up to join Flocknote? Just click the image above and skip ahead! … or keep reading!

St. Francis of Assisi parish partners with Flocknote, a communication service created by Catholics for Catholic parishes. It is used by over 1,000 Catholic parishes so that we can communicate! Our weekly eNews is great, but it’s a one-way discussion. Flocknote lets us truly communicate with emails, text messages, and newsletters. And Flocknote lets us scale the communication from parish-wide to individual groups and ministries.

Why Flocknote is Important

We have a lot of amazing things going on here at St. Francis. We are feeding, clothing, helping and serving those in need in so many ways right here in our local community. And we have so many other ministries and events to help you meet people, share your talents, improve your relationships, answer life’s toughest questions, discern the plan and purpose for your life, and to grow closer to God.

…and many more ministries, groups and activities!

We have an amazing community

And we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for every one of you to be involved and connected to it all. We’ve adopted a new and improved way of communicating that will make it much simpler for you to get the information you want from us! It’s powered by a service called Flocknote. Like sending a “note” to your “flock”… Flocknote!

Sign Up is Free and Easy

This is all totally free for you to use, you don’t even have to download anything or create a password in order to participate. That’s right. No downloads, no accounts, no passwords? You just take a couple minutes to sign up at and it lets you receive email or text messages from the pastor, events, groups and ministries that you choose.  You can also text “SFAT” to 84576 and join that way.

You are in Control

You can choose to be involved with the groups, ministries, activities, outreach, and so much more. You are in control. You can update your communication preferences or unsubscribe from any of the groups you signed up for at any time.

We’re on a mission here at St. Francis, in serving God and caring for His people and we want you to be a part of it. This is a great opportunity for you to get plugged in to the many wonderful things we have going on here. This is really going to simplify communication and increase engagement here in our community. We hope to see you soon!

Want to know a little more? Watch this video from Flocknote founder and CEO on what Flocknote can offer to a parish.