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Sister Parish in Peru

Supporting our Sisters and Brothers in Christ
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Father Anthony Wilson, OFM, came to Peru determined to be a missionary. He was inspired by the nuns who shared stories from Maryknoll Magazine at his grade school in Needham, Massachusetts, outside Boston. Read more about his Franciscan-style mission ministry – click the image of  “Fr Tony”

Who We Are

Sister Parish is a ministry of the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Community. We are dedicated to faith in action through our relationship with the people and friars of Parroquia Santa Ana outside Lima, Peru. We share our common faith by worshiping,  working, standing with, and materially supporting our Sisters and Brothers in Christ

Special Collection to Support Our Sister Parish in Peru

The Ministry of Education is now requiring the parish to add a third floor to the High School before final Ministry “formal approval” is granted.  This is a new demand.  There is no need for a third floor based on student enrollment projections.  The parish has five years to comply.  Fr Tony wants to begin this work so it is underway, whether he and Carlos remain at Santa Ana or not (TBD at the upcoming initial Chapter Meeting of the new Our Lady of Guadalupe merged province). The initial work consists of strengthening the columns of some of the existing infrastructure and installing a underground cistern and pump for the water supply for the building. Look below for pictures of High School building in 2008 (then the beginning of a vocational school) and as it is now in 2023.  Our parish has assisted every year starting in 2008.

Assist the Parish Microloan Project for Woman in the parish to open or expand their businesses.  We have assisted this program for many years.  It works!  Look below for more information on these exceptional woman entrepreneurs!

How you can help:

There are many ways to give and help break the cycle of poverty.

Online Giving

Give online here via the new online giving system.

Before or After Mass:

See our display in the lobby, take an envelope and make your donation via check or cash.

By Mail

Please consider mailing a check made out to the church and annotated for “Sister Parish”

The High school: Then / Now

Santa Ana Microloan Program

By providing women easy access to credit, adequate training and instilling in them the importance of   saving, this Microfinance Program enables women to engage in income-generating activities to increase their incomes and invest in their businesses, pay their children’s school fees, purchase medicines, pay for health care, and make home improvements or build new homes. Furthermore, through participation in the program, women leaders develop self-confidence and assertiveness, gaining elevated status in their households and communities.

Click the image below to see loan recipients and their projects!

2023 Scholarship Appeal

Thanks to your generosity, in May, St Francis sent $24,000 for scholarships to assist needy students K-11 at Santa Ana School.  Thank You!

Future Mission Information

No Mission is planned for this year (as of March 10, 2023).

Upcoming Meetings

Check back for update on time and place

History of Sister Parish Ministry

View pictures from our previous parish missions to Peru!

Update – Fall 2022

Most of the parish is located on steep desolate hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean, that were, until 35 or so years ago, an unused part of a huge ranch – – until impoverished people ‘invaded” in an attempt to build a better life (“Nuevo Progreso” or “New Progress”) for themselves and their children. In 35 years much progress has been made, but a large percentage of the people living there still struggle to survive. The climate in summer is hot and extremely dusty. In winter, the abodes of most of the parishioners lie directly in the path of cold fog / precipitation blowing in from the ocean. Generally, the higher up the hill you live, the poorer you are, and the impact of the cold is that much greater. Rampant anemia, parasitic infections, and a multitude of other health problems such as asthma and other respiratory diseases plague the children. While the waves of COVID that decimated the community for the past two years have abated, unabated high unemployment still exists and has increased the community’s poverty, and accompanying malnutrition from pre-pandemic levels. 

Sister Parish Mission Support

From October 2007 through December 2022, St. Francis parishioners have contributed over $527,000 to our Sister Parishes for a wide variety of projects ranging from scholarships to construction of food kitchens, chapels, schools, clinics, and microloans, to mention a few.

For more information on our Sister Parish in Peru, please contact us:

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