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Sister Parish in Peru

The friars of Holy Name Province (HNP) are responsible for a parish, Parraquia Santa Ana, south of the city of Lima. They are also responsible for a large “pastoral zone” in the Lurin Valley.

2021 Mission Information

Because of the ongoing pandemic in Peru, there will not be a Mission in 2021.

Upcoming Meetings

Next meeting will be in August 2021. Check back for update on time and place

History of Sister Parish Ministry
View pictures from our previous parish missions to Peru!

Happening Now: our annual scholarship drive

Update – Summer 2021

As a reminder, while it is summer here in Virginia, it is winter in Villa Maria del Triunfo outside of Lima, Peru, where our Sister Parish, Santa Ana,  is located.  Keep in mind that most of the parish is located on steep desolate  hills  overlooking the Pacific Ocean, that were, until 35 or so years ago, an unused  part of a huge ranch – – until impoverished homeless people ‘invaded”  in an attempt to build a better life ( “Nuevo Progreso” or New Progress”) for themselves and their children.  In 35  years much progess has been made, but a large percentage of the people living there still struggle to survive.  The climate in summer is hot and extremely dusty. In winter, the abodes of most of the parishioners lie directly in the path of cold fog  / precipitation  blowing in from the ocean.  Generally, the higher up the hill you live, the poorer you are, and  the impact of the cold is that much greater.  In addition, rampant anemia, parasitic infections, and a multitude of other health problems, exacerbated by poverty, asthma and other respiratory diseases plague the children-  and the struggle has been made  extraordinarily more difficult by COVID:  Lockdown means no work, no money, no food – – and what about education?

Peru is now in its second wave of of infections and  as a result, the country now suffers from the highest number of excess deaths in the world relative to population.

Fr Tony (Santa Ana’s Pastor) said in a recent email “…there are a lot of people dying all around us. We purchased oxygen tanks and they are constantly being loaned out. They just started vaccinations here and it is chaos..”

In addition to assisting parishioners with food and medical assistance, one of Fr Tony’s primary goals is to keep the excellent parish school (K-11) going during this difficult time. It is the way to a promising future for these children.

Hopefully you have seen the announcements about the ongoing scholarship campaign (May 30 – June 23) in the bulletin, E-newsletter, etc.  We, the people of Saint Francis, have assisted the school since 2008 – – and our support this year is more important than ever.  To learn how you can help, please click here.  

Over the years, St Francis Parishioners have been extremely generous in their support of our brothers and sisters at Santa Ana. Any gift you can offer will, collectively, have a big impact in helping Santa Ana parishioners get through this difficult time.

Thank You!

The St Francis Sister Parish Ministry

Sister Parish Mission Support

From October 2007 through April 2020 St. Francis parishioners have contributed over $434,000 to our Sister Parishes for a wide variety of projects ranging from scholarships to construction of food kitchens, chapels, schools, clinics, and microloans, to mention a few.

For more information on our Sister Parish in Peru, please contact Terry Danner:  

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