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Sister Parish in Peru

Supporting our Sisters and Brothers in Christ

Who We Are

Sister Parish is a ministry of the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Community. We are dedicated to faith in action through our relationship with the people and friars of Parroquia Santa Ana outside Lima, Peru. We share our common faith by worshiping,  working, standing with, and materially supporting our Sisters and Brothers in Christ

Easter/Spring 2022
Annual Scholarship Drive

Why it’s important

In an area that receives little government support, the school provides a quality education. It is the gateway to a changed life for the children age 3 through High School. Our support to the school is both charity and social justice – the two feet of love in action. Your help is needed Now!

The Need

In an area with few government services, Fr. Tony Wilson OFM (a friar/ Holy Name Province) and the people of the parish have built up a vibrant parish and parish school that serves pre-K through high school. Most of the students live in shanties or very basic adobe structures, without sewer and heat to fend off the chilly and damp winters. Health issues are common, addung to the burdens of their life. It is all part of the cycle of poverty.

Education breaks the cycle.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support the on-going education of 41 students through your donation to the 2022 Santa Ana Scholarship Drive. It is not a general donation (…although those are welcomed!). It is for specific needy children. The scholarships are grade-dependent and range from $140 to $550. In order to make the donor program more affordable, some   scholarships are “split” so that two donors can share the sponsorship.
The scholarship drive runs from April 16 through May 15. See the display (and envelopes) in the church lobby.

How you can help:

There are many ways to give and help break the cycle of poverty.

Before or After Mass:

See our display in the lobby, take an envelope and make your donation via check or cash.

Not Yet in Person?

Please consider mailing a check made out to the church and annotated for “Sister Parish”

Giving Electronically

See the options on the parish giving page. For PayPal be sure to check “Sister Parish” to designate the gift.  

The October 2021 Mission Appeal: 
An Update

Thanks to your generosity, St Francis sent almost $27,000 to aid our brothers and sisters in Santa Ana through October 2021’s Sister Parish collection – – our largest ever. Thank you!

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Future Mission Information

Because of the ongoing pandemic in Peru, there will not be a Mission in 2022.

Upcoming Meetings

Check back for update on time and place

History of Sister Parish Ministry
View pictures from our previous parish missions to Peru!

Update – Easter 2022

As a reminder, while we are moving into the Easter season here in Virginia, Villa Maria del Trunfio outside of Lima, Peru, where our Sister Parish, Santa Ana, is located – the first signs of Fall are on the horizon.

Most of the parish is located on steep desolate hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean, that were, until 35 or so years ago, an unused part of a huge ranch – – until impoverished homeless people ‘invaded” in an attempt to build a better life (“Nuevo Progreso” or New Progress”) for themselves and their children. In 35 years much progress has been made, but a large percentage of the people living there still struggle to survive. The climate in summer is hot and extremely dusty. In winter, the abodes of most of the parishioners lie directly in the path of cold fog / precipitation blowing in from the ocean. Generally, the higher up the hill you live, the poorer you are, and the impact of the cold is that much greater. In addition, rampant anemia, parasitic infections, and a multitude of other health problems such as asthma and other respiratory diseases plague the children. Fortunately, as the Easter 2022 season approaches, the waves of COVID that decimated the community for the past two years have abated. Unfortunately, continuing extremely high unemployment continues to plague the community and has worsened the community’s poverty from pre-pandemic levels.

During the pandemic, in addition to assisting parishioners with food and medical assistance, one of Fr Tony’s primary goals was and remains keeping the excellent parish school (K-11) going during this difficult time. It is the way to a promising future for these children. He is so grateful to the parishioners of St. Francis for the spring scholarship campaign. We, the people of Saint Francis, have assisted the school since 2007 – – and our support this year will be more important than ever as parents are hard pressed to find the money for tuition.

Our goal for 2022 is to assist 41 students at Santa Ana

Thank You!

The St Francis Sister Parish Ministry

Sister Parish Mission Support

From October 2007 through December 2021, St. Francis parishioners have contributed over $492,000 to our Sister Parishes for a wide variety of projects ranging from scholarships to construction of food kitchens, chapels, schools, clinics, and microloans, to mention a few.

For more information on our Sister Parish in Peru, please contact Terry Danner:  

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