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A Savior for All

by Feb 10, 2022Friar Reflection

One of the main messages of today’s Gospel passage is that Jesus is a Savior for all, both Jews and non-Jews. Remember, the gospel of Mark was mainly written to share the gospel with non-Jews, so this passage would have special meaning for them, but also for us today.

In this extraordinary story we see a woman who was not a Jew but a Gentile. She was a non-Jewish woman living in a non-Jewish land that did not worship the Jewish God. And now she is falling at the feet of Jesus who is a Jewish man. This Syro-Phoenician woman, despite the Jewish barrier, does not stop at her demand. She does not give up. She admits that she is not worthy of Jesus’ attention, but she also professes her belief that Jesus truly cares for her. She insists on Jesus’ help. She is assertive in her faith.

Jesus attends to the plea of this mother and sees the authenticity of her faith. Jesus, breaking cultural and religious boundaries, recognizes that the Kingdom of God is for everyone. Jesus begins to reveal the true nature of God’s grace, flowing to all who trust in Him, including those who are Gentiles. There is room in the kingdom for all.

This Gentile woman reminds us that we all can come before Jesus with our needs.  We only need to deepen our faith in God and seek God’s help with confidence that God will hear our prayers and give us what is best for us. But also, Jesus teaches us universal love and service and invites us to continue His mission today.

The gospel message is for all people, to all who believe and obey. Let us continue our celebration and make the words of the psalmist our own, “Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people, (and) visit us with your saving help.”