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The Truth

by Mar 29, 2021Friar Reflection

We hear the story this morning of Judas attempting to humiliate Mary in order to improve his standing with Jesus. He attempts this by ‘spinning the truth’.

Unfortunately, we see too many examples these days of people ‘spinning’ the truth or coming up with their own set of facts, to justify selfish actions, or rationalizing immoral behavior.

This is the genius of Judas. He knew how to cover up his thievery by pretending that he was really concerned about the poor. In fact, he held the money bag and used it to steal the contributions. Jesus could see through his deceptive words. He knew what Judas was about.

Have there been times in our lives when our own Judas side comes out? This Judas side comes out when we attempt to justify our selfishness as the “cost of doing business” or because, “everyone does it”.

Are there times when we rationalize doing nothing because it might inconvenience us, it might mean leaving the comfortable places in our life, or because it may involve risk, or taking a challenging prophetic stand?

Holy week challenges us to confront our Judas side; the times we make excuses for not taking up our cross and following, the times that discipleship makes demands of us.

This Holy Week may we empty ourselves of any selfishness so that we may become an example of Jesus’ compassion and mercy. May we be your instruments, instruments of peace and healing in our homes, our work places, our communities.