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The Entrance into The Kingdom

by Dec 1, 2022Friar Reflection

It is easy for us throw back our feet and have an attitude of resting up. Often, we tell ourselves that we are baptized and that’s it. We think I have been saved and justified. We tell ourselves: I already recognize Jesus as Lord. As Catholics it is easy for us to think: I have done my baptism, first communion, and confirmation and I have finished the whole religious education program. I belong to one of the groups in the parish. I gave a donation. That’s it for me! I’m set now!

This Advent season is a call to wake up. Jesus’ words must have been shocking to the first disciples. He is clearly saying that rituals and formal declarations are not enough. They form a good beginning. Living out the Father’s will and putting into practice Jesus’ teaching form the rock of our lives, the true way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We change through the stages of life. Our faith and the expression of our faith should also change and become deeper through the years of our life.

Many Catholics think that their baptism is like an automatic passport into the Kingdom of Heaven. While I was in Peru, I had to renew my passport and I also had to renew my permanent residency card or visa to stay in Peru. Today in this season of advent Jesus comes to us and calls us to renew our lives. The rock surety of our lives is God’s love for us shown clearly in Jesus’ birth among us. Advent is a time to grow closer to God and to openly show that experience to others.

Image: “Trust in the Lord” by Charlotte90T is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.