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Sharing Our Stories

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Do you have a story about putting your faith into action?  We’d love to hear about how our various ministries here at St. Francis are impacting you and the world around us.  Send an email to Chanel Marquis to submit your story for consideration.

Come Back to Mass!

Bishop Robert Barron / Word on Fire: The past fifteen months have been a time of crisis and deep challenge for our country, and they have been a particular trial for the Catholics. During this terrible COVID period, many of us have been compelled to fast from...

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Become what you see…

This Sunday, May 30th 2021, is Holy Trinity Sunday. We are a people who profess a faith in a God that has revealed God’s self as a Trinitarian God. In the history of the Church there were many who looked at the same Scriptures and denied that God was one, yet three...

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