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Sharing Our Stories

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Do you have a story about putting your faith into action?  We’d love to hear about how our various ministries here at St. Francis are impacting you and the world around us.  Send an email to Chanel Marquis to submit your story for consideration.

The posts shown below are designated as being of general interest for the parish. We also have other pages with a more dedicated focus; a few are listed below… in case you would like to “take a look.”  Enjoy!


A View from the Kitchen Window

As part of formation for solemn vows as a Franciscan friar, you spend a whole year living outside the world of formation and studies. You live with a friar community involved in full-time ministry. I was assigned to a large parish in Raleigh, N.C. It was a large...

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Welcoming at Christmas

The days of Christmas are quickly approaching, your shopping isn’t finished (…. maybe not started!), the end-of-year activities at work are reaching deadlines, the tree is not up, the kids have a school Christmas play tomorrow night (… “Mom, is my costume ready?”…what...

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Take a Hike!

Whether you're new to hiking or an avid trailblazer, Prince William, VA has a wide variety of scenic hikes to enjoy. Hike through hallowed grounds, challenge your stamina, or enjoy a family-friendly excursion - here are 9 hikes that you won’t want to miss. St. Francis...

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Just Because Day

Many people attribute this saying to St. Francis: “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words when necessary.” He never said it. In fact, St. Francis was all about words: words to glorify God, words to give praise to God’s works in nature, words for repentance, and...

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2022 Pastoral Council Candidates

Pastoral Council Candidate: Robert Allen Registered at St. Francis:  25 years Experience in Parish ministries/programs: I, along with my wife, have been a Eucharistic Minister for at least 10 years. Why I want to serve: This parish is a very open, welcoming, inclusive...

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