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Nature’s Lesson

by Jan 29, 2021Friar Reflection

“This is how it is with the Kingdom of God…”

In today’s Gospel Jesus continues teaching about the Kingdom or Reign of God where God’s will is done.  Jesus uses examples from everyday life, planting and mustard seeds.  Nature can teach us about the ways of God if we take the time to observe and learn.  This approach can even be called Franciscan or Sacramental as we move from the concrete objects of God’s good creation, brother Sun and sister Moon, to God the Creator and Light of the world.

Jesus teaches the Kingdom is like a farmer who sows his field.  It seems almost magical that “the seed would sprout and grow; he knows not how.”  Yet the farmer knows that indeed it will sprout and grow.  Just so, Jesus teaches, the Kingdom, the loving and saving presence of God, will continue to grow and sprout even though we may not know where or how this is happening.

Jesus also teaches that God’s presence and light may seem as small as a mustard seed in the world or even in our life but Jesus assures us that it is present, growing and expanding.

The signs of God’s presence and love are all around us and within us.  Wherever God’s will is done, there is the presence of God, loving and healing.

Take a few minutes today to look at a plant and/or a small seed… let it lead you to see the presence of God in the world and in your life.