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Little Faith

by Aug 2, 2022Friar Reflection

Today’s Gospel seems to be a “Ghost Story.”  At least that is what the disciples think when they see Jesus walking on the water!  They cry out terrified: “It is a ghost!”  In fact, it is Jesus coming to them as they are being tossed about or even drowning.  Peter has a “moment” of faith and trust in Jesus and comes to him on the water but then he loses faith and cries out: “Lord, save me!”  Jesus mildly rebukes the disciples for being people of “little faith.”

The Gospel is not only the story of these first disciples but the story of the church throughout history and the story of our own journey of faith.  At times our faith is strong, sometimes only for a moment.  Then as we are tossed about by the storms of life or heavy burdens in our life we may begin to question and to doubt.  We call out, “Lord, save me!”  Jesus is always there to reach out to us.  At times these first disciples had “little faith” and at times they were strong in faith.  Jesus was always with them and never rejected them, even when they denied and abandoned him.  Jesus was always ready to forgive.

Today’s Gospel is not a “Ghost Story” but a story of our journey of faith.  Sometimes our faith is challenged.  We may ask where is God?  We may even doubt if God exists.  Each of us has a different faith journey.  Some have a strong faith throughout their life while others are continually questioning and challenging.  God’s response to each of us is that he is always there with us.  We do not have to go searching because God is right there besides us.  When we cry out, “Lord, save me!”  God reaches out his hand to save us.  We pray with Jesus: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” (Luke 23:46).

Image: Johannes Plenio, Pexel, Copyright free



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