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It’s About Sharing

by May 11, 2022Friar Reflection

The plane taxied to the edge of the runway – and stopped.  Then the captain made the announcement every passenger dreads: A storm had shut down all major airports.  Because other aircraft had already filled the gates back at the terminal, the plane had to stay on the runway.  And to make matters worse: the crew had just discovered that the airline’s catering service had not re-stocked the plane – all the food and beverage compartments on board were empty.

The passengers were angry – and let the crew know it.  Then one of the flight attendants did something extraordinary.  She took to the intercom:

“We’re really sorry, folks.  We didn’t plan it this way and there’s not much we can do about it.  Some of you are really hungry and were looking forward to a nice lunch.  Some of you may have a medical condition and really need lunch.  So, here’s what we’re going to do: I have a couple of breadbaskets up here and we’re going to pass them around and we’re asking you to put something in the basket.  Some of you brought a little snack along – something to tide you over, like peanut-butter crackers, candy bars, a few LifeSavers or chewing gum.  And if you don’t have anything edible, you may have a picture of your children or spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or a bookmark or a business card.  Everybody put something in the basket.  And then we’ll reverse the process.  We’ll pass the baskets around again and everybody can take out what he or she needs.”

What happened next was amazing.  The complaining stopped; tempers cooled.  People started to rummage through their handbags and briefcases and pockets.  Boxes of candy, snacks – even a salami and a bottle of wine – appeared and were shared.  Those who didn’t have food placed magazines and puzzle books in the baskets.  Photos began conversations and storytelling.

Sometimes Christ’s light can only be realized when we put aside our own interests.  Sometimes the light can even begin to flicker when we become more self-aware as to how we come across; sometimes the light happens when we empty ourselves of our own needs and wants and seek what is good for all, as in today’s story.

The great thing about light is what it does for that which is outside of itself.  Light can illuminate dark spaces; it can bring warmth where there is cold.  It can bring healing.  The light of the Gospel, of Jesus’ life lifts up and heals.

Despite whatever darkness may engulf us, the light of Christ is always there if we are willing to put aside whatever keeps us from reaching for it.



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