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Is the Kingdom of God among us?

by Nov 11, 2021Friar Reflection

This week’s readings have been helping us to reflect more deeply on the mystery that the life of faith holds. Today the focus is on the evangelizing potential of the believing community.

A Christian community that is founded on the commandment of love, that exercises with authority the gesture of forgiveness and mercy, and that offers the reestablishment of the bond with God, is neither more nor less a sign of the arrival of the Kingdom of God. In today’s Gospel passage, saint Luke even tells us that the arrival of the Kingdom is not subject to calculations of times or conditions, but “is among you” as long as we live according to Jesus’ way of life.

My dear brothers and sisters, once again, the Word of God challenges us and invites us to review our lives as disciples of Christ and as a Church. It invites us to expand and implement necessary ways to include everyone; to be open to the diversity of people and cultures in our lives, in our Christian communities, and in our society.

Looking at our interpersonal and community relationships, today may be a good day to ask ourselves and reflect on what and how we are doing to bring the Kingdom of God closer to us. Or, are we are delaying its arrival with our way of living as individuals and as a community? May God grant us the wisdom to truly hear today’s first reading, so that we remain in God and bear good fruit.