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In Good Company

by Mar 5, 2021Friar Reflection

God can make good things happen even from evil. Our First Reading relates how Joseph’s brothers plotted against him. The Responsorial Psalm describes how God used the events in Joseph’s life for the people of Israel. And, in the Gospel, Jesus relates a parable which foretells how He will be persecuted by the religious leaders of His time, but it will lead to our salvation.

The readings today made me think of a man who experienced all sorts of difficulties many years ago: family problems, financial problems, and relationship problems. Everything seemed to be going against him. However, I saw him holding to hope and faith in God. It is hard to see any light at the end of the dark tunnel. It is hard to understand how so many problems have affected this person. He was an individual who tried to live a Christian life, being faithful to the Gospel, reaching out in love and care for all.

One day I asked him if there were any positive aspects to what was happening in his life and he told me: a smile and positive word from a child, a friend’s willingness to spend time helping, or a quiet moment of reflection in the midst of a busy schedule. Even in the darkness of his life he could see certain lights. Like this person, many people have had similar experiences over the past twelve months. The Scripture has many examples of the difficult times of those who are called by God to do God’s will. And through those moments God brought about the revelation of God’s plan to the world.

My dear friends, even in our darkest moments, God is with us and if we hold firm to our faith, God will allow great things to happen through us for the sake of others and ourselves. Yes, I know, none of us like to have difficult times. However, living a Christian life includes times of suffering and difficulties. Of course, we should not go out and seek problems, but we have to realize that when trying times come our way, we are in good company with God, as Joseph and Jesus experienced.

God promises to be with us.

God will not leave us alone.

God will use our struggles to manifest the divine plan for us and for others.