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From Among Us

by Jan 11, 2021Friar Reflection

Today we hear the story of Jesus calling His first disciples to follow Him. What does this story tell us about this moment?

First, that Jesus called them common men. They were simple folk; they did not come from schools or colleges. They did not come from ecclesiastical or aristocracy. They were not wealth or learned. They were simple fisherman.

Second, it is important to notice what they were doing. They were doing a day’s work. What that says to us is that Jesus calls us not just while we are sitting in Church, as important as that is, but at work. It reminds us that God’s call to us can come in all kinds of places and environments, and experiences.

Third, He said, “Follow me.” Jesus was asking those men not just to follow His teaching but more important to commit themselves to Him personally.

Lastly, Jesus called them to a task. He wasn’t promising them an easy life, a comfortable life, but rather a challenging life. He was calling them to a task of service to Him and to others.

The first ones Jesus invites to join His company were fishermen. He promises that they will “catch” others for God.
If Jesus had called farmers, He might have inspired them to bring to harvest the gifts of Gods’ creation for all people.
If Jesus had cooks, He might have charged them to prepare God’s great wedding banquet where all of God’s daughters and sons have a place.
If Jesus had called builders, He might have commissioned them to build houses where the love of God can dwell within every family and household.
If Jesus had called accountants, He might have urged them to see that everyone is paid justly for their work and that their assets are protected from the greedy and the cunning.
If Jesus had called teachers, He might have entrusted them with educating all God’s children so that they might realize their full potential to live constructive and meaningful lives.
I Jesus had called us, given our skills and talents and resources – and “nets” – what might He be asking us to do for the good of God’s people?