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by Mar 25, 2021Friar Reflection

The feast that we celebrate today is a wonderful example of God’s way of acting in His relationship with people. The Annunciation marks the moment when the entire plan of salvation, God’s will to lead humanity to a new life in fullness and harmony, depends on the word of a person. The God who created us free, believes in our freedom. God consults with us; God asks us for permission to carry out His plan. God does not invade our world with His almighty force. God approaches without making noise, knocks on the door and makes everything depend on the answer and collaboration of us, of each one of us. What a huge example of respect!

But not only that. God did not seek the powerful of this world, those who officially had power to open and close the gates of their kingdoms to the presence of God, to those who had power to compel people to follow a certain faith. On the contrary, God addresses the humble and simple. A simple girl from Galilee is the recipient of the angel’s message. God believes in our freedom; God believes in our responsibility.

The God who created us free respects our freedom in such a way that God does not want to save us without our consent. When God approaches us, God does not do so in a paternalistic or authoritarian way. God doesn’t treat us like children. God enters into a relationship with each one of us. God invites us to feel and act free and responsible. God knocks on our door and God only comes in if we open up the door of our hearts. It is our opportunity. It is our responsibility.  Mary certainly knew how to exercise her freedom from it and responded freely to God’s offer. With many limitations, it is true, but every person has a seed of divinity: freedom.

Let us make an effort for being fully free and to believe in the freedom that others also have.