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by Feb 5, 2021Friar Reflection

Any proposal that generates a critical conscience in the face of traditional systems is seen and understood as a threat to those who seek power in any time and geographical environment.

The powerful, for fear of losing power, seek a way to eliminate, and sometimes with life, those who come up with a new proposal that challenges traditional social groups. That is what happened to John the Baptist.  He was a threat to Herod, to his way of life and his cruel way of ruling.

Whoever chooses justice, truth, peace, dignified life, inclusion, defense of creation, accompaniment of vulnerable groups comes into conflict with politics and even religion.

May the figure of John the Baptist help us to ask ourselves questions, to enter into crisis and conversion, and to break our own and structural securities.  May his memory continue to encourage our journey as builders of the Kingdom of God around us.

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