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Being Fire

by Oct 26, 2023Friar Reflection

Jesus uses an uncomfortable image today: burning fire. Jesus Christ is the fire that changes all of creation. He burns out division and death, the fruits of sin. He is the beginning of the recreation of the whole world. Jesus can see that new creation and he says very clearly: How I wish it were already blazing. Jesus was looking out on the world. Looking out at each of us. Looking at a world of evil, a world of false religiosity, a world of laziness and conformity, and a world of pain and sadness due to its separation from God. He is anxious to see all incorporated into the new baptism.

This process of burning produces change and division. Once again in the Gospel, Jesus uses basic human relationships as sign of the importance of being united to God. A true relationship with God is more important than family. It is impossible to be a true Christian and at the same time be boring or be a conformist. After a fire nothing is left – maybe only a few scraps of metal or concrete. The whole landscape or building is completely changed. Once the Holy Spirit burns through all our sin, evil, selfishness, anger, hatred, and despair nothing is left – only the image of a true human being, that is Jesus.

Each of us has the mission to be the match or spark that starts the fire of conversion in others.