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The Year of St. Joseph

by Mar 2, 2021Parish Blog, Weekly-Email

Pope Francis has declared his year to be the “Year of St. Joseph.” It is a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the proclamation of St. Joseph a Patron of the Universal Church. There are a number of resources available to celebrate this important moment. We would encourage you to explore the websites of the Diocese of Arlington and the US Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) for their plethora of resources.

Diocese of Arlington:

You will find the following resources on the diocesan website:

  • St. Joseph during the Year
  • Ways to carry out the Consecration to St. Joseph
  • The Year of St. Joseph Prayer
  • Prayer of Consecration to St. Joseph
  • Key Dates and Spiritual Readings
  • Plenary Indulgence and Litany of St. Joseph


You will find the following resources on the bishop’s website:

  • Godsplaining Podcast – The Year of St. Joseph. Patrick Briscoe and Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress unpack the importance of the year of St. Joseph
  • Prayer to St. Joseph after the Rosary
  • Novena to St. Joseph (March 10-18, 2021)
  • Apostolic Letter Patris Corde