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2021 – Sister Parish School Scholarships

The Children – our annual scholarship drive

You, the parishioners, have supported the Santa Anna Parish School for 12 years with scholarship assistance. We need your help to continue to educate the Catholic children of this poor parish by participating in this scholarship drive program. The need is especially great as the COVID epidemic still rages unabated in Lime. Through your support change can happen!

Remote learning via mobile phone?

Remote learning is hard enough… but via mobile phone? That’s the reality our Sister Parish school this year as the Covid pandemic continues in our Sister Parish. The teachers are wonderful and dedicated professionals who provide a real quality education for the children at this school. Progress on vaccinations is moving slowly especially in the poorer areas of Lima. But they are people of Hope. And we can be part of that Hope by ensuring the school continues to operate now and when COVID is gone

Why it matters

In an area that receives little to no government support, the school is the gateway to a quality education. It is the gateway to a changed life for the children age 3 through High School. Our support to the school is social justice and charity – the two feet of love in action.

Go deeper

Fr. Tony Wilson, a friar from Holy Name Province, has long served the people of Santa Anna parish in their sacramental, spiritual, and corporal needs. In an area with few government services, he and the people of the parish have built up a parish church, medical clinics, a certified technical school, and a parish school that serves pre-K through high school.

Most of the students live in shanties or very basic adobe brick structures, many still without sewer, and all without heat……and the winters are chilly and damp. There are many bronchial problems and anemia and parasites are prevalent among the children in the community. It is a cycle of poverty that Santa Anna parish is working to change.

How You Can Help

Our goal is to support the on-going education of at least 39 students through your donation to the 2021 Santa Anna Scholarship Drive. It is not a general donation (…although those are welcomed!) It is for specific needy children. The scholarships are grade-dependent and range from $90 to $450. In order to make the donor program more affordable, some scholarships are “split” so that two donors can share the sponsorship. 

From May 30 through June 22, please see the display (and evelopes) in the church lobby. If you are not yet attending Mass in person, please consider mailing a check. The check should be made payable to the parish with “For Sister Parish” in the memoradum line. Thank You!

For more information email Sharon Danner: [email protected]

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