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2022 Synod Listening Sessions

Thoughts and Ideas of our Parishioners

On behalf of the Franciscan Friars and the community of St. Francis, I want to thank all the people who gave their time and ideas to this Synod Process. And many thanks to the Pastoral Council for ensuring the process continues into the future.

Fr. John O’Connor OFM  – Pastor

During March and April, we joined with all the parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington in conducting “Listening Sessions” with our parishioners to provide input for ourselves, the Bishop, and the Pope to address the question of how can we, as a synodal Church, in announcing the Gospel, “journey together,” by proclaiming, celebrating, and living the Gospel?

Each of the five Listening Sessions show the responses of the participants to a series of questions related to our “Journeying Together” ** (Note: Some editing and combining of ideas / comments was made during the consolidation process.)

March 6th General Session

March 17th General Session

March 8th Staff Session

March 19th Pastoral Council Session

March 12th Latino Session

We want to hear from you!

Please use the contact form below to give us feedback and your thoughts on the compiled results of the 2022 Synod Listening Sessions.

After reading the session results, what are your thoughts and reactions?

What are your thoughts on “Journeying Together” – at the parish, the diocese, or the universal church level? When leaving a comment or insight and it is in response to a specific question from the Listening Sessions please, identify the question by number.

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