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Online Giving: Do I need to change?

by Oct 10, 2022From the Pastor, Parish Blog

What is most important?

Giving gratefully in a way in which you are comfortable!

If you already give via Pay-Pal or transfer from your bank (check, ACH or EFT) – there is no need to change. You can still create an account with the new Online Giving System from Our Sunday Visitor. Why? It will be the easiest way to give to collections such as disaster relief, Sister Parish in Peru, special collections, and other emerging needs.

What if I use envelopes? Again, no need to change. But as someone wrote to us: “This will be great for those “extra” donations along the way as I always seem to forget my envelope.” Coming soon, we will even be providing “text-to-give.”

Are there advantages to the parish. There are some advantages for the parish. With each gift via PayPal or electronically (ACH or EFT), the parish business office has to manually capture the electronic notification, check to see if there are special instructions, ensure the donation goes to the proper fund (e.g. Sister Parish vs. Offertory) – and all that is hand entered in to the parish accounting system. And we are happy to do that! The new Online Giving platform allows us to electronically download all that information and upload into the accounting system in one easy click.

Also, the new Online Giving System makes your annual giving statement (for tax returns) available to you whenever you want to download it!  No more waiting on the parish. You are in charge!