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National Migration Week 2022

by Sep 17, 2022Parish Blog, Weekly-Email

Throughout Scripture, our Lord tells us to welcome the stranger in our midst. Pope Francis reminds us that the inclusion of newcomers as we build the Kingdom of God is not an option, but a necessity: “The inclusion of those most vulnerable is the necessary condition for full citizenship in God’s Kingdom.” The Catholic Church celebrates “National Migration Week” from September 19th thru the 25th.  The Diocese of Arlington has +1,200 reasons to celebrate. Since October 2021, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington has resettled more than 1,200 refugees and newcomers from around the world within our diocese. We thank God and our parishioners whose generosity enabled us to welcome these newcomers. St Francis of Assisi was instrumental in the recent resettlement of Afghan refugees – recall Fr. John’s message to the parish from Nov. 2021 as well as his report on the visit to Camp Upshur.

Journey with the Ifa Family: Witness how our Catholic Charities staff cares for newcomers as they welcome a family of refugees from Ethiopia who were finally able to arrive in the United States this summer.

Image credit: Migrants and Refugees Section/Vatican, CC-BY