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The Season of Lent

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Click the image above to download a 7×5 inch card
of the Lenten schedule.

Click the image above to download a 7×5 inch card
of the Holy Week schedule.

Lenten Resources

Searching for online resources to deepen your Lenten journey of faith? Take a look at our collection of links to materials from Bishop Barron, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and others – videos and daily reflections – adults and children!

Lenten FAQs

From Ash Wednesday to the days of Holy Week, our Lenten traditions and practices are rooted in the history and worship of the People of God since the time of Christ. Why do we use ashes? How long is Lent?  Lots of questions and lots of answers!

Fasting and Abstinence

Can you eat meat during Lent? Is it only on certain days? Is fasting the same as abstinence? What if you’re 65 or older? Or is it 59 and older? And what’s the purpose of these Lenten practices? Find all your answers here.

The History of Lent

The Catholic practices and traditions of Lent have developed over the centuries. Learn more!

A History of the Stations

The history of the events captured in the Stations of the Cross go back to the events of Good Friday. But did you know that the practice of the Stations is only several hundred years old?

The Days of Holy Week

Palm Sunday to Easter – learn more!