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Communications Ministry

The St. Francis Communications Ministry partners with parish staff, councils, ministries, groups and volunteers to promote communications with parishioners across multiple media channels so all may feel a greater sense of belonging, be more intimately engaged with the parish, and active in God’s call to serve in the mission and ministry of Jesus.

Join the Communications Ministry!

Interested in playing a part in the St. Francis of Assisi Communications Ministry? The fours major areas of the ministry are shown below but there are additional roles in helping to manage and coordinate the ebb and flow of communications needs. Let’s start a conversation about how you can be part of this new evangelization in the digital age. Contact Us now!

Photo Ministry & Club

A picture is worth a thousand words. As Catholics we are called to evangelize in a digital world – to let others know all are welcomed to our faith family!

Social Media

Help  provide content and administer  parish social media channels: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter! We would love to explore a wider variety of channels with you.

Graphics and Event Support

Help develope flyers, handouts, signage and more in support of groups, ministries, and parish events. It is way easier than you think. Training available!

The Parish Website

No coding necessary!! We need people working with groups and ministries to provide content to keep the website fresh. But…if you have always wanted to learn more about the web works….

How to Create Simple Videos

The bulletin has a limited reach, has long lead times, and is subject to space and timing limitations. End-of-Mass announcements raise the profile of the ministry, but is hard to communicate call-to-action responses. The weekly eNewsletter reaches 800 households on a weekly bases and seems to be our best channel of communications. Our eNews is the one channel that tells us about engagement – that people read or clicked on the news items for more information. Video always draws a response. Contact Us now!

Introduction to Ministry Communications

Simple Tips for a Good Video

The Elevator Video

The Event Invitation Video

A Sample Post-Event Video

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